Array Wars

You think you know the story of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. 

But what if those characters were merely virtual constructs living out their lives inside a computer program designed to draw the wool over the eyes of its inhabitants?  What if this virtual reality -- this Array -- was based upon certain popular works of fiction?  What if multiple parallel programs were running inside this computer; what if they had been running for so long that the barriers between simulations were beginning to crumble, and what if the scripts the characters were following showed signs of corruption and decay?

What then?

Array Wars is a Star Wars/Matrix crossover, incorporating elements (in one form or another) from a wide range of sources.  It began its life as a simple parody, but as the first book grew into a trilogy, my characters took on lives of their own.  Now, the first trilogy is complete ... and the first hints of a second trilogy are beginning to take shape in my mind.

Array Wars

Episode 3.0: Attack of the Stiff

Array Wars Episode 3.0

Attack of the Stiff

Frozen in stasis, Mal Single has been delivered into the hands of vile gangster Flabby the Butt.  Determined to rescue their friend, the Splitwhisker siblings risk it all on a dangerous mission:

Penetrate Flabby's inner sanctum!

It is a dark time for the Rebel Coalition...

In a secret research facility in a remote corner of the galaxy, a new Imperial DEATH TUBE is taking shape under the watchful eye of the Imperator.

Driven from their frozen base on Hoff by the forces of the Galactic Imperium, the scattered Rebel fleet is gathering in another remote corner of the galaxy; far, far away from all amenities.

The leader of the Rebellion is engaged in a daring rescue in yet another corner of the galaxy!

Who knew there were so many corners?

All these forces are fated to clash, but the outcome is far from certain, for a new player has entered the game: they have a prophecy; they have a plan!

The end of the galaxy may be only the beginning...


Episode 2.0: Return of the Phantom Menace

Array Wars Episode 2.0

Return of the Phantom Menace

Pursued across the galaxy by the might of the Imperium, the Rebel Coalition has taken refuge on a remote wasteland.  For Lurk Splitwhisker and his friends, this reprieve is to be short-lived:

A new foe has joined the chase!

The galaxy is in disarray.  In the wake of their defeat at the Battle of Yawn, the Galactic Imperium is struggling to recover.  Terrorists from the Rebel Coalition, striking from their hidden base, have destroyed the pride of the fleet, the Devastator station -- and those things aren't cheap!

Barth Vapour, Hard Lord of the Stiff, is missing.

The Imperator himself is rumoured to be little more than a puppet to a shadowy mastermind.

Use of the hallucinogenic spice-drug, Menaajatwaa, has become so widespread as to threaten the core tenets of the Imperium: security and stability.

Is one of these the "Phantom Menace", or does that title belong to the weird kid down the road who wears his purple underpants on his head?


Episode 1.0: The New Hope Strikes Back

Array Wars Episode 1.0

The New Hope Strikes Back

Bored with life on his uncle's farm, Lurk Splitwhisker craved adventure and excitement out among the stars.  When a pair of fugitive 'bots brought a cryptic message from a beautiful princess, he learned an invaluable lesson:

Be careful what you wish for...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a struggle was waged between the forces of light and dark.  Mystical energies rippled throughout the inhabited systems, and ancient prophecies came slowly, inexorably, to fruition.

A galactic Republic, keeper of the peace for a thousand generations, withered and died in the shadow of an evil dictator's greedily outstretched hands, and its remains were crushed beneath the armoured boot heels of Imperial troops.

Only a few defenders of the old ways survived, escaping the ruthless pogrom and fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy.  Biding their time, rebuilding their strength, they finally re-emerged to launch a rebellion against the tyranny of the Empire.

This is not that story...