Annual Reading Lists

As the result of a recent conversation, I decided that it might be worth producing a list of all the books I'd read in a year (along with some brief commentary.)  This decision was solidified by something I just heard in a podcast: that the average person reads five books a year.  (Of course, this information was followed by "but the average person will listen to 17 audio books a year", and comes from a company selling audio books, so I'm not sure how accurate it is!)

Now, I do a lot of listening in the car -- to podcasts, most often, with a few audio plays (and even the occasional audio book) thrown in -- and I don't manage to read as much as I would like (so many distractions, so little time.)  However, I'm fairly confident that I read at least 17 books a year.  While I may write the occasional review of a novel, I generally don't have the time -- so this format may be of passing interest to somebody.

Anyone out there interested in what Pete is reading? :-)

Oh, and for those who are wondering: no, my memory is not that good.  I have external memory: I'm just the sort of sad little geek who keeps a database of all his books, and as I read each one I add the date I finished it!

Title Published Date Hits
2014 Reading List 07 April 2015 2075
2013 Reading List 05 April 2015 3575
2012 Reading List 05 June 2013 2500
2010/11 Reading List 03 June 2013 3545
2009 Reading List 29 May 2013 4680

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20 Reading Questions

It has been far too long since I last made an update here (and, among other things, I'm pondering switching from Joomla to WordPress to see if that might motivate me) so when I saw this floating around the internet, I figured I'd answer all 20 questions here. If anyone is interested?

Favourite genre to read?

Can I say "Speculative Fiction" and thereby cover the field? My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I also read quite a lot of Horror, and I always enjoy a good Thriller. Often these genres overlap -- I'd call SFFantasy setting genres, while Horror and Thriller are plot genres, so give me a good Horror Thriller in a non-mundane setting and I'm happy.

Although, that said, I don't mind Urban Fantasy either.

Basically, I've never been very good at picking favourites...


2014 Movie List

Since typing out the 2013 "Movies" list was more than a little tedious, I've written a short Perl script to do the work for me. Never underestimate the power of a short Perl script! Here, then, is the list of everything I watched in 2014. Hmm. I sure racked up the couch-time!


2014 Reading List

2014 was also a slow year for me. I think I'd almost go so far as to say that 2014 was my Annus Horribilis; certainly I didn't seem to be particularly productive with anything. My heart just wasn't in it. Neither were my kidneys.


2013 Reading List

2013 was a slow year for me, book-wise. Apparently. I only read 26 books, and there were a couple of large gaps during which I was too focused on other projects to do much reading. (And since 2014 was, uh, not a good year—for many reasons—I never finished typing this up until April 2015!)


2013 Movie List

Sometime in August 2013, I decided to add a "Date Watched" column to my movie database, thus allowing me to at least list what I have watched each year, by year.  Obviously this list only goes back as far as August... :-)

Now that I've got my script working (produced for the 2014 list) I've regenerated this list too!