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Who is the Doctor?

There you have one of the great questions of the ages: who is the Doctor?  In some ways this is simple to answer: he is a Time Lord, a native of the planet Gallifrey, who ran away from the restrictive society into which he was born because he felt the siren call of adventure.  He is a time traveller, who travels through all of time and space--often with one or more companions, occasionally alone--in his TARDIS, a time machine that, while capable of assuming just about any form in order to blend into its surroundings, is stuck in its disguise as a Police Box from 1960's London.  When critically injured--like all Time Lords--he has the ability to regenerate, growing himself a new body which retains many of his earlier memories, but often displaying different personality traits.  His most recent--eleventh--incarnation is more than 1100 years old.

Of course, that describes the Doctor, but no matter how much we might know about him, there has always been the sense that we really know very little.  (Although the current season seems intent on answering the question of the Doctor's identity in a big way!)

As a television show, Doctor Who is fast approaching its 50th Anniversary; November 2013 is 50 years on from its humble origins on BBC TV in 1963.  There was a break of several years in the middle there somewhere--during which time, the Doctor experienced a resurgence of popularity in the form of Audio Plays.  Some radio dramatisations were produced by BBC Radio, but the great bulk of the Doctor's Audio adventures has been produced by Big Finish.

This section contains much that is incomplete.  My intent is to flesh out a lot of detail -- and add a whole lot of cross-referencing -- as I slowly progress through watching, and listening to, every episode I can get my hands on!  If you have come here looking for detailed information, there are certainly better places to find it.  Here you will find merely my own thoughts and musings on various Doctor Who media productions.

That said, I hope you find something of interest herein.

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    Introducing the Doctors

    The Doctor's ability to regenerate has been one of the most important factors in the show's longevity -- and has resulted in a long list of actors who have played the Doctor over the years.

  • The Companions

    The Doctor's Companions

    Only rarely does the Doctor travel alone -- and indeed, as he grows older, it can become dangerous for him to travel alone without the presence of a human companion, with human morals, to ground his ego.  Over the years, there have been many companions.

    The First Doctor


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