Cold Prey

"Cold Prey" box set

Cold Prey (2006)
Cold Prey: Resurrection (2008)

Warning: this review may contain spoilers, particularly around who lives and who dies...

Cold Prey (its Norwegian title is Fritt Vilt) is described in a DVD cover-blurb as "probably the most perfect slasher movie of all time". How well it meets that glowing promise, I couldn't say—I guess in large part it depends how you define the "slasher" genre—but it was certainly an entertaining entry in the field.

The opening scene shows somebody—a young boy, in this case—running through the snow, fleeing from something, some unseen horror. Needless to say, he does not escape. Next we are introduced to our cast of soon-to-be victims, a group of attractive young people on their way to a snow-boarding holiday. We have an established couple who are very close, and the question of whether or not they should move in together appears to be their only source of disagreement, a new couple who are still testing the waters, and a, well, fifth wheel, a single guy. The two girls are close friends; it was never entirely made clear who the fifth person was friends with. Not that it mattered; these were all pretty close friends, and there was very little personal conflict when everything went wrong.

Juan of the Dead

"Juan of the Dead" poster

Juan of the Dead (2011)
“He's Havana Killer Day”

I just watched Juan of the Dead — an obvious play, at least as far as the title goes, on Shaun of the Dead! Juan is a Cuban film, for a change; I don’t have many of those!

In Shaun, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wander obliviously through the early days of a zombie uprising; once they finally realise what’s going on, they and a small group of friends set out for that bastion of safety: the local Pub.

In Juan, Alexis Diaz and Jorge Molina (who could perhaps, if you squint, be considered a rough Cuban equivalent of Pegg and Frost) wander obliviously through the early days of a zombie uprising (in fact, even once they realise that the dead are walking, they experiment with “Vampire”, “Demon”, and “Lycanthrope” without ever quite hitting on the Z-word!)

Once they realise what’s going on, they and a small group of friends do the only sane thing: they go into business!

Near Dark

"Near Dark" poster

Near Dark (1987)
"They can only kill you once, but they can terrify you forever."

Name a movie that stars Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Jenette Goldstein. Aliens, right? So how many of you have heard of (or better yet, seen) Near Dark? It was a new one on me. The DVD cover image—a rather gory and mostly unrecognisable Paxton—caught my eye. The names Lance Henricksen and Bill Paxton, listed one beneath the other, inspired me to pick it up and scan the back cover for details. The line "This is more than simply the most ferociously original vampire move of our generation: NEAR DARK is one of the best horror movies of all time" convinced me to buy it and give it a chance. I must have been twenty minutes in before I got a good look at one of the other characters and thought "hey waitaminnit, that's Vasquez!"

The Stepford Wives (1974)

"Stepford Wives" poster

The Stepford Wives (1974)
"Something strange is happening in the town of Stepford"

Upon the recommendation—indeed, the insistence—of a friend with tastes similar to my own, I tracked down and watched the original 1974 version of The Stepford Wives. As far as I can remember, I had never seen it before. However, having read the novel by Ira Levin, many years ago, I was more or less familiar with the story. Indeed, I was of the opinion that everbody must know the Stepford story—but despite that, I shall not post any unprotected spoilers. (I've had a few films spoiled because the person posting thought "everybody must have seen this by now", and it's just so difficult to unread something once you've read it...)

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20 Reading Questions

It has been far too long since I last made an update here (and, among other things, I'm pondering switching from Joomla to WordPress to see if that might motivate me) so when I saw this floating around the internet, I figured I'd answer all 20 questions here. If anyone is interested?

Favourite genre to read?

Can I say "Speculative Fiction" and thereby cover the field? My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I also read quite a lot of Horror, and I always enjoy a good Thriller. Often these genres overlap -- I'd call SFFantasy setting genres, while Horror and Thriller are plot genres, so give me a good Horror Thriller in a non-mundane setting and I'm happy.

Although, that said, I don't mind Urban Fantasy either.

Basically, I've never been very good at picking favourites...


2014 Movie List

Since typing out the 2013 "Movies" list was more than a little tedious, I've written a short Perl script to do the work for me. Never underestimate the power of a short Perl script! Here, then, is the list of everything I watched in 2014. Hmm. I sure racked up the couch-time!


2014 Reading List

2014 was also a slow year for me. I think I'd almost go so far as to say that 2014 was my Annus Horribilis; certainly I didn't seem to be particularly productive with anything. My heart just wasn't in it. Neither were my kidneys.


2013 Reading List

2013 was a slow year for me, book-wise. Apparently. I only read 26 books, and there were a couple of large gaps during which I was too focused on other projects to do much reading. (And since 2014 was, uh, not a good year—for many reasons—I never finished typing this up until April 2015!)


2013 Movie List

Sometime in August 2013, I decided to add a "Date Watched" column to my movie database, thus allowing me to at least list what I have watched each year, by year.  Obviously this list only goes back as far as August... :-)

Now that I've got my script working (produced for the 2014 list) I've regenerated this list too!